I UK [fləʊt] / US [floʊt] verb
Word forms "float":
present tense I/you/we/they float he/she/it floats present participle floating past tense floated past participle floated
a) [intransitive] to rest or move slowly on the surface of a liquid and not sink

Their raft would not float.

float on/in:

Leaves and twigs floated on the water.

float by/along/towards etc:

Miranda floated by on her back.

b) [transitive] to place something or make it move on the surface of a liquid

They were floating little paper boats on the lake.

2) [intransitive] to be lighter than air, and to move slowly through it
float in/through/across/over etc:

Bubbles floated in the air.

A cloud floated across the moon.

3) [intransitive] if a sound or smell floats somewhere, it moves through the air so that it can be heard or smelt in different places
float up/down/across/through etc:

Music floated up from the garden.

Perfume floated around her.

4) [intransitive] to move in a very soft and graceful way
float down/up/across etc:

Fabia floated down the stairs in a long white dress.

5) [intransitive] to behave in a way that shows you do not have a clear plan for what you want to do

She just sort of floats through life.

6) [transitive] business to start to sell a company's shares on the stock market

The company was floated in 1993.

7) [transitive] to suggest an idea for people to consider to see how they will react

Various explanations for his resignation are being floated.

8) [intransitive] informal if something such as an idea floats, it is successful or accepted

Old TV shows refurbished as films rarely float.

9) [intransitive/transitive] economics if a government floats its currency, its value is allowed to change in relation to other currencies
10) [transitive] mainly journalism to kick or hit a ball so that it moves slowly through the air

floating on air/on a cloud — very happy, as if you were dreaming

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [fləʊt] / US [floʊt] noun [countable]
Word forms "float":
singular float plural floats
a) an object used in fishing that floats on the water
b) an object that floats on the water and supports your body
2) a large vehicle decorated and driven as part of a parade
3) business the first time that a company starts to sell its shares on the stock market

The company directors made over £1 million each from the float.

4) a small extra amount of money in coins and notes, kept by a shop so that customers can be given change when they buy something
5) American a soft drink with ice cream floating in it

English dictionary. 2014.

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